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I’m Stefan, a Dutchman with a fascination for Football. My favourite teams are Ajax and Fc Barcelona. Besides these two teams I love to watch the Premier League. I don’t have a specific Premier League team which I’m cheering for. As a Dutch guy I follow the teams with Dutch influences with extra attention.

In my spare time I like to play some sports myself. I love to cycle and of course to play football and futsal. On this blog I’m going to share my opinion about the most important football news.

I am working in the online football industry since October 2015. Since that time I’ve visited a lot of football related sites and blogs. Browsing through all those football blogs gave me the idea to start my own football blog. This was the starting point for The Attacking Midfielder, the football blog where I’m going to give my opinion about the beautiful and sometimes ugly sides of this fantastic sport. For me this is a perfect way to express my opinion about football and improve my English writing.

Why the name: Attacking Midfielder

After I decided to start a football blog, it was time to come up with a name. A lot of names came up, from englishfootballblog to dutchfootballview. I still wasn’t really satisfied with any of the names. So I started thinking of the players I admired over the time. I noticed a lot of those players were Attacking Midfielders, from Jari Litmanen to Dennis Bergkamp and many many more. A good attacking midfielder has to play with number 10 and can be the difference between a good team and a magnificent team. People go to the stadium to see players like Bergkamp live in action. Therefore I couldn’t find any better name for this blog!

Attacking Midfielder

The Attacking Midfielder subjects

I will use this blog to give my opinion about every subject in football that has my attention. The focus shall be on the English Premier league from a Dutch perspective. I write about Premier League matches, players and coaches. Also the Dutch Eredivisie will be treated. Every once in a while I love to bet on sports and preferable football matches. So I’m also going to share my betting tips with you. Other subjects I write about are transfers(rumours), potential Premier League stars and European Football tournaments as the Champions League and Euro 2016.