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Borussia Dortmund

Are domestic leagues getting more competitive?

If you’re visiting this blog, you must be a true football fan. We as football fans have got two option. Either we support a specific team, or we just like to watch a certain league. Me myself I’m a massive Ajax fan and I really like Barcelona, but I’ve don’t got any favourite teams in the other leagues. I like to watch matches in the Premier League and Bundesliga, but I don’t really care which team wins. Unless I’m betting on these matches, then I want the team I have my bet on to win of course. To place my bets I quite often use the Best Sportsbook Promo Code In USA. When you don’t support a specific team in a league, it’s always best if the league is a really competitive one. In this article I discuss the competitiveness of the biggest domestic leagues.

English Premier League

The English Premier League is in my eyes by far the most competitive league in Europe. There are six clubs (Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Arsenal) who are all able to play for the top places on the https://attackingmidfielder.co.uk/premier-league-table/. All teams have a big squad with some of the best players in world football. Liverpool and Manchester City went all the way to the end last season, ending the season with only 1 point between them. There is a chance teams like Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal will join these two teams in the title race.

German Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is the domain of Bayern Munich. Die Rekordmeister won the last 7 titles in the Bundesliga. However, last season there was Borussia Dortmund who lead the titlerace for a long time. It wasn’t until the very end of the season they Dortmund start dropping points and handed the title to Bayern Munich. Die Borussen have been very active on the transfer market this summer and bought some real quality players with the likes of Thorgan Hazard, Julian Brandt, Mats Hummels and Nico Schulz. Borussia Dortmund started this season with a 5-1 victory over Augsburg, while Bayern Munich drew against Hertha BSC. For me this season can be the first one in many years that Bayern Munich won’t win the league. Borussia Dortmund and also RB Leipzig must be considered as serious challengers this season.

Spanish La Liga

Many people were tipping Fc Barcelona to win the Spanish La Liga again this season. I’ve got some serious doubts about this. Real Madrid really went all out on the transfer market and bought in some serious quality players. Barcelona started this season last weekend without Lionel Messi and immediately lost their first match. In the meantime Luis Suarez and Ousmane Dembele both got injured, leaving Antoine Griezmann as the only attacker in the team. I can see Barcelona dropping more points in the next few weeks, while both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will be ready to keep winning their matches. It’s even possible that the titlerace will go between both Madrid teams in my opinion.

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