2018-2019 Premier League top 6 predictions

2018-2019 Premier League top 6 predictions

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The transfer market closed earlier today, so now it’s time for my 2018-2019 Premier League top 6 predictions. In this post I will give my top 6 for this season. I will give them in the order from 1 to 6.

2018-2019 Premier League top 6 predictions

  1. Manchester City

    The reigning champion hold their squad together in the summer and they added Riyad Mahrez. Even without some of their top players, who were on holiday after the World Cup, they managed to dominate Chelsea for the Community Shield. This match was for me the confirmation that Manchester City is going to be the favourite to win the Premier League this season.

  2. Liverpool

    The Reds from Liverpool finished fourth last season, but this was partly due to their Champions League obligations. They reached the Champions League final, so the focus was on this match instead of the Premier League in the last few weeks. This summer they’ve probably had the best transfer window out of all the teams in the top 6, so I expect them to give Man City a real run for their money. The gap between the number 1 and 2 is going to be a lot smaller this season, that’s for sure.

  3. Arsenal

    This might come as a surprise for you, but Arsenal had a pretty descent summer. They’ve bought some quality players together with young fresh talents. It’s the only top 6 team which had all important players together from the start of preseason. This combined with the fresh start under Unai Emery is going to bring Arsenal back in the Champions League.

  4. Manchester United

    Jose Mourinho has been very harsh on his team and the board during the course of preseason. I’m afraid he’s going to make a lot problems at the club. It really looks like he wants the club to sack him and I won’t be surprised if this happens before the end of this season. They have a descent team, but I think the problems with Mourinho are going to cost them a lot of points this season.

  5. Tottenham Hotspur

    The Spurs will move to a new stadium in the first months of this season. This is very costly and it looks like this is the reason they were very quiet on the transfer market. I believe this will become a big problem during this season. They will miss some of their stars at the beginning of the season, since they started preseason at the beginning of this week. Thanks to all these problems, Tottenham will drop out of the top 4.

  6. Chelsea

    The Blues from London got a new managers and they managed to get Kovacic in on the last day of this transfer window. I’m afraid this is not enough for them to get back in the top 4. Chelsea didn’t look good in the match against Man City and I think Maurizio Sarri needs more time to get his vision in the team. I think he can do something similar at Pep Guardiola did when he started at Man City. He will use this year to see what his team needs. He will do much better next season, when he had a full preseason and has the time to get players on the weaks spots in his team.

These are my 2018-2019 Premier League top 6 predictions. How is your predicted top 6 going to look like?

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