Darren Moore

Should Darren Moore get the West Brom job?

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West Brom is about to get relegated from the Premier League. This is a sentence a lot of people had spoken in the last few weeks and surprisingly enough they are still not officially relegated. The match against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend is probably going to kill the final hope for the Bagpies. Darren Moore will be the manager who get’s relegated with West Brom, but he’s done an amazing job since he’s working.

Should Darren Moore get the job?

I recently read an article about West Brom approaching Michael Appleton and Dean Smith. I honestly don’t understand why they are doing to. Darren Moore managed 4 matches for West Brom so far and collected 8 points. He won two matches, which is one more than Pardew won in 18 matches with West Brom. So why are they looking for a new manager, while Moore is proving he is perfect for the job? I would like West Brom to sign Darren Moore and

Do we need more black managers in the Premier League?

Some people are claiming English football needs more black managers. I would like to say the Premier League needs good managers. It’s time to get rid of the oldies like Pardew, Hodgson, Big Sam and Mark Hughes. These guys should make place for young talented managers like Darren Moore. I don’t like selecting managers because of their skin color. Teams should take managers because of their qualities. Darren Moore shows his qualities, so he should get the job in my opinion.

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