Arsene Wenger leaves

Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal

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I’ve been very critical on Arsene Wenger in the past. I believe he overstayed his welcome and should have left the club a few years ago. Today Arsenal and Arsene Wenger finally announced the Frenchman will leave the club at the end of this season. So Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal in the summer of 2018. After he served the club for 22 straight years. He is the longest sitting manager in the Premier League and I don’t see something like this happening anymore.

Arsene Wenger leaves in the summer

Despite my critical attitude towards Wenger, he still has done a lot of great things for the club. He is the manager with the most FA Cup trophies, went invincible with his team for an entire season in 2004. He won three Premier League titles, seven FA up trophies and seven Community Shields. The influence Wenger had is huge and therefore it would have been better for him to leave earlier. By staying on this long the kind of ruined his legacy, which is a shame for such a successful manager.

How to go from here?

One thing is missing on Wenger’s resume, he never won a European trophy. What better way to end his Arsenal career by winning the Europa League? He already told the press all his eggs are in the Europa League basket. Winning the Europa League brings him a European trophy. At the same time it will mean he leaves his club while qualified for the Champions League. This would be perfect end of an era for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.

It’s u to Arsenal’s board to start looking for a good replacement for Wenger. Who is going to be the next Arsenal manager? This is going to be a very important decision, there are some big shoes to fill for the next Arsenal manager.

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