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BREAKING NEWS: Attacking Midfielder is extending on the internet. Since 2015 this website is active in the world of football blogging. After a few days of negotiations Attacking Midfielder has come to an agreement with the owners of the website This website will be related to Attacking Midfielder. The content on Soccerage will be about everything there is to talk about in the football community.

Attacking Midfielder new owner of

I’m really happy with Attacking Midfielder, but since a few months I was looking to extend my portfolio. Attacking Midfielder is completely focussed on English football and mainly the Premier League. Soccerage gives me the chance to give my view on everything that’s happening in the world of football. This website isn’t new in the world of football news on the internet. This site is founded in 1999 as the website where you need to be for all your information on football aka soccer. was available in several languages and had readers all over the world. For now I will start in English and maybe add Dutch post in the near future.

Soccerage in the past

I have a lot of respect for the guys that made Soccerage the big name it still is. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this site and found a lot of interesting content from the past. To honour the work that has been done on this site in the past, I will add an archive tab in the menu bar. In this archive section I will add some pages of the old site. This gives everybody an idea on how things were in the past. For example: there was a page about Real Madrid in 2000. On this page you can find the complete squad of this team. It’s really fun to read which big names were playing for this club back in the days.

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