2018 Champions League quarter finals

2018 Champions League quarter finals

The season is running to an end. Teams are claiming their titles and the Champions League reached the final stages of the tournament. In this 2018 Champions League quarter finals post I discuss the four matches we’ve all been watching this week.

2018 Champions League quarter finals

Juventus versus Real Madrid

I recently started watching the Juventus documentary on Netflix. While watching this documentary I really felt sympathy for this beautiful club. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the Serie A, I was really impressed by Juve in this serie. When you combine this with the fact that I’m a Barca fan and don’t like what Madrid is doing made me want to see Juventus win this match. Unfortunately it was Cristiano Ronaldo who scored the first goal in the third minute of the match. I don’t like Ronaldo and I hate his attitude on the pitch, but even i can only applaud what he did in the 64th minute of this match. He scored the 0-2 with an amazing bicycle kick. Marcelo completely killed this tie when he scored the 0-3 in the 72nd minute. Real Madrid wins the first match with 0-3 and will finish the job at home next week, but just like at this goal by Ronaldo:

Sevilla versus Bayern Munich

The second match on Tuesday evening was the one between Sevilla and Bayern Munich. Sevilla is the biggest surprise in this quarter finals, after beating Manchester United in the round of 16. The Spanish side started really well in this match. Bayern Munich won their Bundesliga match last Saturday and it looked like they were still in party mode in the first half. Sarabia missed a big chance, but a few minutes later he made up for this by scoring the 1-0 in the 32nd minute. Five minutes later it was Jesus Navas who scored an own goal. This fortunate equaliser led to a better Bayern in the second half. They really dominated the second half and Thiago Alcantara scored the deserved 1-2 for Bayern.

After Tuesday’s 2018 Champions League quarter finals matches I think we can say which two teams will reach the semi-finals.

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