2018 FA Cup quarter-finals

2017 FA Cup semi-finals preview

Since the Premier League is heading towards the final stages of this season, it’s also time for the Cup to reaches the end. Therefore it’s time for the FA Cup semi-finals. It’s an hour before the start of the match between the two rivals for the top spot in the Premier League Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. Manchester City and Arsenal will meet each other at Wembley on Sunday. In this post I’m going to give my 2017 FA Cup semi-finals preview.

2017 FA Cup semi-finals preview

I will start this post with the first match of this weekend.

Chelsea versus Tottenham Hotspur

This is going to be a very interesting match! The two best teams of this Premier League season on a neutral venue. Now we’re really going to see which of these two teams in the best at this moment. Chelsea has a four point lead in the Premier League, but Tottenham Hotspur has the better form at this moment. I personally feel that Tottenham Hotspur is going to be the better team in this match. They will bring their superb form to Wembley. In my opinion the Spurs are the team to reach the FA Cup final.

Arsenal versus Manchester City

The second FA Cup semi final is another very interesting battle. It’s awhile ago that all four FA Cup semi-final spots are taken by top teams. These two teams don’t have quite the season Chelsea and Tottenham do have. Arsenal is heading towards a first timer in years without qualifying for the Champions League. Man City really needs to fight to the end of the season to hold on to the fourth spot. Winning the FA Cup is the only way these teams can save their season. Based on the recent results I think Manchester City is going to win this match.

All expectations aside, I personally would love to see a North-London derby in the final. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur to fight for the FA Cup? It almost can’t get better for every neutral Premier League fan.

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