Football look-a-likes

Famous football look-a-likes

You guys probably all know the feeling when you see someone that you recognise him/her but you don’t know the person. They say everyone has at least one look-alike. I’ve been browsing over the internet looking for some famous look-a-likes of football personalities. See which football look-a-likes I’ve found!

Football look-a-likes

Sampaoli v AgassiThe first look-a-like I’ve found is the look-a-like of Fc Sevilla’s manager Jorge Sampaoli. I think there is a big resemblance between the Argentine coach and a famous former tennis player. What do you guys think of this couple? I must say it’s the Agassi in the last years of his career. There isn’t much resemblance between these guys with the Agassi in his early years.



The second look-a-like couple is a couple of two footballerscotterneymar. One plays for La Liga champions Fc Barcelona. The other one plays for SSE Aitricity League First Division champions Fc Limerick u19s. These look-a-likes are Neymar and Barry Cotter. Cotter is a defender, so there is a chance he needs to defend his famous look-a-like on the pitch one day. If Cotter really wants to be a Neymar look-a-like he should chance his haircut almost every week ;).

 myjer-luizThis is the 3rd football look-a-like. I think everybody knows the left one. This is David Luiz after losing the World Cup match against Germany (7-1). The guy on the right isn’t really familiar for the most of you. This is Dutch comedian Jochem Myjer. I think there is a big resemblance between these two guys. Of course in terms of looks, but they also manage to make me laugh. Myjer on stage and Luiz on the Pitch. Watch this clip of Jochem Myjer to laugh :). Use the subtitle option!

fellainiThe last couple I found is really funny. I think everybody knows these two. The left one is of course Manchester United player Marouane Fellaini. The one of the right is Sesame Street’s big bird! It looks like both have the seem hairdresser! This are four football look-a-likes I’ve found. There are of course many more available. Please let me know what your favourite look-a-like couple is!

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