Fifa 17 The Journey

Fifa 17 The Journey: my opinion!

As a big Playstation fan I’ve played many Fifa games in the past. One of my earliest Fifa memories is the legendary Fifa 98. I was a big fan of the indoor play at Fifa 98. What’s more fun than making indoor tackles? I couldn’t think of anything at that time. Since then the game improved a lot and recently Fifa 17 has been released. In this new version EA sports announced a new gameplay The Journey. I’ve been playing the Journey on and of during the past two weeks and I will give my first thoughts on this new gameplay. Read my thoughts on Fifa 17 The Journey!

Fifa 17 The Journey

The Journey gives you the opportunity to play as Alex Hunter. Alex is a 17-year-old talented player from Clapham, London. He is the grandson of English legend Jim Hunter and has a name that carries weight in football circles. It’s now up to you to decide where his career will take him. You start in the academy and you will steer Alex in his final change to impress the Premier League teams to sign him. During Alex Hunter’s career you can improve his skills in training and matches.

For every match you get the opportunity to chose for playing with Alex Hunter alone, or with the entire team. I really like to play with one player alone, but I can imagine some of you guys rather play with the entire team. So I really like they offer both options in Fifa 17 The Journey. Every time someone asks you a question you can choose between 3 answers. Every single answer will develop Alex Hunter’s personality.

Personally I’m very fond of this new gameplay, but I do however believe their are some improvements possible. It’s a missed opportunity that the journey only is for one season. I would have liked it when you get the time to develop as a player. Instead of signing immediately for the best teams. I think it’s better to get 4 or 5 options instead of immediately all teams. Another things that annoys me a bit is some things are pre-made and not really realistic. I’ve signed for Everton and now Lukaku is injured the club bought Harry Kane. It’s not realistic Kane will move to Everton. But despite these small improvements it’s a really good addition for the game!

Are you convinced about this new game? Buy your Fifa17 through this link: FIFA 17 – Standard Steelbook Edition (Exclusive to (PS4)

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