Best OSM tactics

Best OSM tactics | Second opinion

Awhile ago I posted an article giving you the details about the best possible OSM tactics for Manchester United. Online Soccer Manager is a very popular game so I thought I should give the tactic another change too prove itself. This time I played with Tottenham Hotspur and tried the exact same tactics. In this post I’m going to show you what’s the result of this second opinion for the best osm tactics.

Best OSM tactics

First of all it’s time for a brief summary of the tactics I’ve used for the second season in a row. I played in a 4-3-3A formation. In the picture below you will see all the tactics settings. OSM tactics

One really important thing is the positions for your players in the line-up. The striker always must be a player with a defensive score of less than 25. The wingers on the other hand, need a defensive score of at least 25 points. Both side midfielders need to be better in attack than in defence, while the centre midfielder needs to be equally good in attack and defence. For the defender it’s important to have two centre defenders with less than 25 in attack and fullback with at least 25 in attack.

Best OSM tactics second opinion

The objective for Tottenham Hotspur was the 6th place. This is a screenshot I took after the last match in this competition.

Best OSM tactics

As you all can see, I’ve won the title and the cup. So we could say the second opinion was a success.

OSM League table

I think this league table says it all. Won 36 times, draw 2 times, lost 0 times. 110 points with 132 goals and only 9 goals conceded. These numbers support my theory this is the best OSM tactics. So I would say, don’t hesitate any longer and use these tactics to win trophies in your own Online Soccer Manager league!

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  1. Diogo

    Hi. So I got 3 CM’s, with one more upfront and 2 behind him. You say the 2 behind should have more attack than defending and the one on the front should have balanced stats? Is it right?

  2. Aidan

    Hey Stefan,

    Nice blog and decent article.

    Congrats on your success!

    I just started playing OSM, my first league is in the BPL with Everton. My target it 7th but I’m looking for some tips and ideas on what to do. I’ve played a few friendlies using the following:
    Formation: 433B
    Style: Wing Play
    Forwards: Attack Only
    Midfield: Stay in position
    Defenders: Attacking full-back
    Marking: Zonal
    Offside trap: No
    Tackling: Aggressive
    Pressing: 73 (Close down opp)
    Style: 65 (Attacking)
    Tempo: 75 (High speed passing)

    What do you think of these tactics and what stats/type of players are recommended as specialists?

    I’ve played all my friendlies today and while I won most of my home friendlies, I got hammered in an away friendly with Arsenal and some results could have been better!

    Would love to hear back from you with some tips 🙂


    1. Stefan

      Hi Aidan,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and your compliments! I think you’re using a good tactic which can work out for you with the right players. This is very important for this tactic.
      GK: As high as possible
      Right and Left Fullbacks: Defensive as high as possible, attacking minimum of 25
      Centre backs: Defensive as high as possible, attacking maximum of 24
      Centre midfielder: defensive equal to attacking
      Other midfielders: attacking minimal 5 points better than defensive
      Striker: Attacking as high as possible, defensive not bigger than 24.
      Wingers: Attacking as high as possible, defensive minimal of 25.

      Make sure you have a back-up player for all this positions. So at least 1 GK, 1 Fullback, 1 centre back etc.

      Good luck with your first season!

      1. Golden

        Hello there.

        I have a doubt. What about the “marking”. You always use “man marking”? Its less effective when the opponente strikers have a better ability than your defenders

        1. Stefan

          I always used this tactics, never changed anything during the season. If you think you need to switch you should do that. Let me know if it works for you 🙂

  3. Luis

    Just wanted to say that I used this tactic on Everton against my friends and ended up in first place! Thank you for the help 😀

  4. Hi Stefan,

    is it work against big team too?
    tomorrow i ‘ll play against chelsea and my team is west ham.
    i have some top players as: carrasco(95), draxler(91), veratti (94), kimmich(88), dani alves (86), oblak(96)
    please advise 🙂

    1. Stefan

      Hi Reza,

      That are some amazing players for West Ham! I surely would use this tactics against Chelsea!

      Good luck mate!

  5. Pajin

    E buraz da te pitam znaci krila moraju imati vise od 25 odbranu a de mi reci za sredinu posto nisam nikada igrao ofazivnim taktikama ali igram sa besiktasom i imam zadatak 1 biti a igrao sam formacijom 4-2-3-1i sutevi iz svih pozicija ali nikad nisam igrao sa timom za prvo mjesto pa ako moze samo sredinu da pojasnis hvala unapred

  6. Fred

    Hi 🙂

    I’m using Argentina in the classic tournament (the one with Maradona, and so on).
    What tactics do you suggest?
    I used this today against World all stars but I lost 2-0

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Stefan

      Hi Fred,

      I don’t have much experience with the classic tournaments to be honest. I am convinced this tactics almost always works with the right players.

  7. Adrian

    What happen if you dont have the center backs with 10-24 points and the striker because im usinng totenham squad without transfers .i have kane 95 but 17 defending points

  8. David

    can you specify what number the pressing, style and tempo is from 1 – 100 Like Aided did?
    Pressing: 73 (Close down opp)
    Style: 65 (Attacking)
    Tempo: 75 (High speed passing)

  9. Selim

    Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for useful article. I am playing OSM for 6 months. I first tried 4-4-2B. It worked well. Later I tried 4-3-3A It was more useful. I rarely get defeated. I use attacking fullbacks. Did you try it? On the other hand what are the digits for pressing, style and tempo? I use 55- pressure- 60 – Attacking – 65 tempo.

    1. Stefan

      Hi Selim,

      Thanks for your reply! I haven’t tried that one yet! I do believe it also has something to do with the team you’re playing with. Which teams have you tried it with?

  10. eric

    does it matter if your striker has more than 35 attacking if you play 4-3-3 The same with left and right backs how much does it matter

  11. João

    Hey Stefan,

    So i started with Totthenham, and until like the 20th round, i never used your line-up and tactics.

    I was in 1st place, but now i dropped to 2nd with 69 points. Everton is head of me with 74. Behind me is United with 66.

    Today, i´ll play against chelsea (away, round 34), and use your ta i need to win so i can keep behind everton.

    Thanks for sharing with us your tatics, really and always useful.


  12. Jeff

    Hi Stefan, Thank you for your post on Tottenham.

    I modified all my tactics, formation (4-3-3A) to the way you did them and chose my selection of players as followed (with your indications);

    ATT: Son (LW) , Kane (ST) , Lamela (RW)
    MID: Eriksen (LM) , Dele (CAM) , Dembele (RM)
    DEF: Rose (LB) , Vertongen and Alderweireld (CBs) , Aurier (RB)

    Do you think this selection will be succesful for this upcoming season? Or do you think that there should be an alteration in my choice of players?

    Thanks in advance !

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