England's problem

England’s problem: lack of creativity

During the past Euros everybody was expecting big things from England. Despite these expectations they didn’t manage to reach the quarter finals. Iceland was too strong for England in the round of 16. I thought it was all due to the manager and his bad choices, but yesterday’s match against Slovakia showed exactly the same problems. Big Sam worked with almost the same squad and this match wasn’t much fun to watch either. In this post I will discuss England’s problem, the lack of creativity.

England’s problem: Lack of creativity

Watching the line-up I think England’s midfield lacks creativity. Jordan Henderson and Eric Dier are more defensive midfield players. Wayne Rooney is a striker turned into an attacking midfielder. England’s captain is probably also England’s problem. Rooney works very hard for the team and it is hard to put the captain on the bench. But Wayne Rooney isn’t the creative midfielder England’s team needs so hard. The problem is there aren’t much English players who can bring creativity to the team. I think Adam Lallana and Dele Alli are the only two players capable of this, provided they are in the right form.

It’s maybe a strange thing to say, but I think England will benefit when Mourinho puts Rooney on the bench. I think Henrikh Mkhitaryan is the ideal attacking midfielder for Man United at this moment, so it’s a matter of time for the Armenian midfielder to replace Rooney. When Rooney doesn’t play for his team anymore, Big Sam can put him on the bench of the national team as well. THis gives him the change to play with more creative midfielders. In this qualification group England is by far the strongest team, so they should be able to play with one defensive and two attacking midfielders. This will improve the excitement of their matches.

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